Making a custom presentation box

So my Masonic lodge had it’s installation of new officers this morning. Every year I take care of acquiring the Past Master jewel for the outgoing lodge Master (president). Had been buying a presentation box, and doing some small customizations, for the jewel in the past. But this year I decided to make one from scratch.

Just a simple engraved box I said to myself. Yeah… :roll_eyes:.

Laser cut from 1/8" baltic birch with finger tab joint construction and a gloss lacquer finish. Used hidden barrel hinges, royal blue flocking and Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

The design kept… evolving. :grin: First time using hidden barrel hinges and using flocking powder.

Got the “Wow!” when I presented the box and then on opening got the “OH WOW!” :grin:

Also cut and flocked a stand to hold the jewel

The columns and tiled floor are on 1/8" standoffs to add some dimensional depth to the scene.


Box was constructed from 1/8" (3.1mm) ply but the smallest hidden barrel hinges I could find were 4mm.
(Note, if you use 4mm hinges make sure you use a 4mm drill bit, otherwise you are setting yourself up for some hassle.)

So I just laser cut liner strips of ply and glued them in to double the wall thickness to ~ 6.2mm

Laser cut a story stick to make sure I got good alignment to drill the holes in the top and bottom. Middle hole is for marking the spot for the magnetic closure on the other end. (This project is why, the other week, I decided to fix my drill press table alignment issue.)

In order for a box to open with these small hidden hinges you need to create a 45deg bevel on the hinge end of the top and bottom. I accomplished this with my disk sander with the table set to 45deg. On both pieces, placed pieces of painters tape 3mm down from the edge and sanded to the edge of the tape. The bevel should extend about 1/2 way into the hinge holes.


Very nicely done there Ned! Projects like this are so satisfying to complete, expecially when you get the expected “WOW” response :stuck_out_tongue:

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Like … WOW!


Don took the words right out of my mouth. Now I’m speechless! :astonished:

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