MAKEVR    imagine creating your objects in virtual reality and then hit print  makevr

MAKEVR imagine creating your objects in virtual reality and then hit print
makevr is by Sixense.

Import, create virtual goods & 3D print with MakeVR
MakeVR incorporates a powerful 3D CAD engine capable of importing models from other 3D design applications. Imported objects can be combined with the objects created in MakeVR to construct virtual 3D worlds. “I was surprised to hear that one of our developers is making hundreds of dollars each month creating and selling virtual goods in one of Valve’s popular games,” said Paul Mlyniec, Lead Developer of MakeVR. “MakeVR will be a tool that facilitates this type of creative expression.” MakeVR will also include specialized tools to prepare objects for 3D printing, such as tessellation, healing, and hollowing. MakeVR can export objects in .stl format, suitable for 3D printers.

Virtual reality with MakeVR and the Oculus Rift
The combination of MakeVR and the upcoming Oculus Rift will create a true virtual reality 3D modeling experience. The Oculus Rift’s head-mounted display with real-time head tracking and wide 110-degree field of view make it the ultimate way to experience MakeVR. Sixense has already integrated support for the Oculus Rift with MakeVR to ensure full compatibility for beta and launch. “MakeVR brings unprecedented freedom to crafting game assets and amazing simplicity to 3D computer aided design.” said Amir Rubin, CEO at Sixense. “We believe that MakeVR’s ease of use and low price point might just make it the killer app for consumer virtual reality.”

lets see the tool…

I want to see an exported STL. Because what a lot of people overlook is the requirement for the models to be manifold, have the proper face orientations, etc. This looks like it would have the same problem.

Sure looks like a step in the right direction regarding editing 3D models in a virtual environment & then print your final product. we’re yet to see the build quality & the ability to fill holes, non-manifold etc… prob. have to check the finished design in Netfabb.