Maker's Tool Works   MendelMax 2.0 with a Josef Prusa  PrusaNozzle printing Laywoo-3D @90mm/s

@Maker_s_Tool_Works MendelMax 2.0 with a @Josef_Prusa PrusaNozzle printing Laywoo-3D @90mm/s

I’ve been looking at that hot end. Would like to try it. This printer is blazing along.

It seems to be pretty good hot end but behaves quite differently than the j-heads most people are used to, since it’s steel it dissapates heat very quickly so you have to run at much higher temps than you would with a brass heat-block, using PLA @240c is quite odd.

The other issue I have is the shaft is a little narrow, I have some 3mm PLA that measures from 2.99-3.14 and it jams in the shaft too tight for the extruder to push it through.

Maybe of it was slightly tapered?

I found that when the filament heat’s up it becomes sticky. (sticky like it sticks to a hot bed) although it sticks it’s not at a temperature it would be runny so it tends to clog up a bit and will gradually stick more to the sides further up the inside of the feeding shaft especially when the hotend is in use for long periods. I found that if I could get the point at which it is runny right to the tip the filament wouldn’t stick to the sides on it’s way down. When you turn your temperature up you are effectively moving the melting point feather up requiring more force and getting less control over the retraction. Sometimes I would get the PLA to hot and it will burn, creating black sot that can build up in the nozzle to create a blockages at a later point.

(That noise…) other than that looks good.

@3D_Delta_Printing in this case the jamming is even when cold and just trying to insert the filament. With the filament in question it jams on any part much over 3.05, the force need to push it in is far more than an extruder can generate.

@Jeremy_G_WeisTek_Eng it is a bit squeeky.

Hi, it is reamed and polished to 3.2mm as its todays standart, PTFE will probably allow thicker filament to go, but steel don’t :slight_smile: Thanks for video.

@Josef_Prusa the filament I’m using gets to 3.14 at it’s widest and I’m unable to feed it by hand at that point, though the barrel is clean and clear.

Have some new filament on order and I’ll see how it goes.

How do you like the lay wood filament I was thinking about making toys with it.

So far loving it. It’s quite light and has a cardboard like feel to it but can be sanded, stained and polished/sealed like wood.

Though it is not as strong as straight pla, it holds it’s own but I’m not sure about toys.

By chance have a link all I have found are close to 40-50$ for a .5kg spool.

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@Jeremy_G_WeisTek_Eng unfortunately that is the going price.