MakerBot Industries is joking with that new   design, aren't they?

@MakerBot1 Industries is joking with that new #Thingiverse design, aren’t they?
They can’t be serious!

First removing BOM and Tools.

Then dropping that useless notification bar they call a “dashboard” on us, even though it isn’t a dashboard in the established sense of the word.

Not doing anything about the configurator spam just as they didn’t about the pixel-“art” spam in the past.

Removed the date of the upload!

And now effectively hiding the like button?!topic/thingiverse/tv1Cbvce90s

the ‘like’ button is embedded in the preview picture when you browse newest thinks, only shaped as a heart, hover over the heart and the ‘like’ text appears…but a ‘thumbs up’ icon would be better

The like icon is still on every page at the top right hand corner.
And I still have the dashboard too…

Yes it’s at the top-right corner.
That’s very far from the “liked by” list, way out of your field of view, usually out of screen the moment you scroll down to read the text and not labeled.
It’s also light-grey on grey.
That’s what I’m complaining about.
“effectively hiding”.

i actually like the new design … :wink:

They removed the date/time the thing was uploaded (e.g. older things), and no date/time when it was updated (those work in progress).

I noticed. :frowning:

They didn’t even just remove the date/time the thing was uploaded, they don’t even expose it via their APIs anymore either.


This is all fuel for an alternative of thingiverse. We need a proper date/time for keeping track of versioning.

Working on it:

Want to help?

Hi Marcus, Do take a look at -




I know Githubiverse and I actually don’t get the point of Thingtracker.

Thingtracker is a kind of glue between depositories like thingiverse and perhaps homeprototype and alike - it’s right now thought to normalize data and then, on top to have a frontend with search, catagories, and likely a time-machine sort of interface to see changes of a thing (I realized this yesterday evening while coding some proof-of-concept), e.g. if a depository provides sufficient data to discern between version 1.000 and 1.001 and able to retrieve the corresponding data (stl,txt,etc) of that version and caching it, that would be very useful and get close to what github does to source code. I think there is a great deal of potential with this ‘layer in between’ to analyze and structure data which otherwise is quite diverse.

Maybe to add, I think Thingtracker was born by @Gary_Hodgson to bring possible alternatives of thingiverse together and counteract preemptively against segregation, by introducing this layer and possibility (as I realized) to add functionality which e.g. thingiverse perhaps never will have (e.g. versioning).

it will gain traction soon (i hope), it’s on @3D_Printing_Industry

Yes, Gary needs support and feedback for the Thingtracker, the idea is that with just a few standard tags/fields added to ‘things’ on any site that supports it we will be able to have whatever user interface is needed or desired and filter, version or share ideas and objects with others in like-minded ‘maker’ communities.

@Marcus_Wolschon Thingiverse replied today (after multiple approaches): “Thanks for writing in with your suggestions. We’ll be re-adding the published date to the Thing pages.”

Good! It was going to be impossible for me to rip the thingiverse site in a manner that gave me this information.