Makerbase upgrade

I recently upgraded my TwoTrees laser fro 2.5w to 10w. That’s not the problem. Then I got a rotary for Christmas, still not the problem. When I hooked up the rotary, somehow the Y driver went out, so I upgDraded my motherboard to the MKS-DLC32. On my old board, it has a spot for ttl+ and my new board doesn’t. My question is, where do I plug that connector in?

Does this picture from their github match what you have?

Have you found the wiring manual on their site?

That 1 is different. That V1.1
I have V2.1

The PDF I linked to says it is for V2.1. Does your board not have the TTL header on the upper left as shown in that PDF?

I had to reverse my pin but now my laser is engraving in mirror form. Everything comes out reversed.

Do you mean reversed side-to-side, or engraving where it shouldn’t and not engraving where it should?

Check the machines origin setting in the software…


When I engrave a name the name is backwards like this for example

I understand the problem, I believe. Did you check where the origin of the machine is set?


The motor coil convention is not the same between drivers, and if you are using different stepper drivers than before it’s easy for them to go backwards from what you expect.

If you reverse one of the two coil pairs for a motor, it will reverse the motion of that motor.