MakerBase SGen to replace SKR 1.3 (DIY Laser Engraver 6Watt)

Good day.

I recently launched my engraver. But I am not satisfied with his work on the Marlin firmware. It has no dynamic power change. So I decide to buy MakerBase SGen. This topic made me think for this. There cprezzi talking about SBase.

Has anyone tried to run GRBL-lpc on MakerBase SGen? As I can see SGen ~= SBase. But I’m not sure that pin-out the same (I’m not so good at electronics)

As I understand SKR 1.3 not compatible with grbl-lpc due pinout, so I forced to look towards other boards.

Can anyone share information about compatibility of these boards?
And some info for start to make grbl-lpc works good on SGen (SBase)
My setup now:
Big Tree Teck SKR v.1.3 + Marlin 2.0
LaserWEB4 (only as CNC GCode sender)
6Watt 445-460 Laser NUMB47A!

sgen 8bit sbase 32bit

Hello, @ccfly
I am sure that you are wrong. Based on this link SGen is 32bit.
Probably you are confused with this board MakerBase Gen

yea gen l is 8bit
that sgen look like sbase maybe new batch new name