Maker Forums updated to Discourse 3.3.0.beta2: Redesigned bookmark menu, mobile modal improvements

Also, easier to find keyboard shortcuts.

There is a security fix for discourse reactions as well.


@mcdanlj I’ve asked this on other Discourse forums, but I’ve not received an affirmative reply.

Is there a selection function / keyboard shortcut / filter that allows one to select all unread posts? The idea being that I can then start out visibly knowing which posts are new to me? I use the current top of page “Latest” etc., but that is not quite the same.

I’d suggest asking on — that’s the discourse about discourse itself. That should generally be more authoritative than asking about discourse on forums that use discourse. :slight_smile:

Does the Unseen view not give you what you want?

Ok, I’ll go that next step.

“Unseen” or unread on other forums will work, and that’s what I was aiming at, but it doesn’t seem to work well as long as there is a lot of unseen posts older than my membership. Maybe I missed a filter there.

Maybe just click “Dismiss” once and after that it might just do what you want from that point on?

Unfortunately for me, that’s apparently unavailable until I reach “REGULAR” status on this forum (although I’m REGULAR on several other Discourse forums.)