Maker Forums updated to Discourse 2.8.0.beta9: Search and scrolling improvements

This update has lots of features!

The forum will start storing your recent searches, and when you click on the :mag: at the upper right, it will show you recent searches; useful if you want to do the same or related search again without typing it.

It’s easier to see who wrote long posts and comments when reading Maker Forums on a desktop browser because the author’s avatar stays on the screen as you scroll past the top.

If you select text and paste a link on top of selected text, instead of replacing the text with the link, it will turn the text into the link text and add the link to it. So instead of replacing selected text with from the clipboard, it will replace selected text with [selected text]( which will render as selected text.

Scrolling performance should be better on mobile.

There’s more! See the announcement to learn about other new features.