Maker Forums updated to Discourse 2.8.0.beta4

Discourse 2.8.0.beta4 included a security update, and therefore was released quickly after 2.8.0.beta3. It doesn’t have a lot of changes.

The announcement contains a brief screencast that demonstrates some really nice improvements to the search widget. Previously, you had to memorize how to do advanced searches or go to the advanced search page to constrain your search. Now, just remembering a few prefixes will let you select from likely alternatives.

Just use a # prefix to limit searches to certain categories.

Want to search your likes or bookmarks, or only titles that mention a word?

Want to see most popular first, or newest first?

At Maker Forums, we generally discourage “private” messages (they aren’t really private; remember that moderators can read your private messages, and any participant can add any member to any private message thread), but where you do use them, you will see that they have adopted a “bubble” styling to follow a common pattern for text messages on other platforms, to make it easier to distinguish that you are not posting in public.