Maker Forums updated to Discourse 2.8.0.beta3

When you revisit a topic, not only will you be taken directly to the first comment you haven’t read yet, but also it will now show a red line showing your prior visit, so you can scroll up and down without losing track of what you had last read.

When you upload images, it will now limit you to file extensions that are allowed, so that you don’t try to upload and then be told that it was unsupported.

Although there is a new feature for optimizing images in the browser on upload, for a faster upload experience and reduced data usage (particularly useful on mobile), it reduces the available resolution in larger images, so clicking in to look at details is limited. We will want to test before any choice to enable it generally because often enough we need to look at an image at full size to see important details. We have enabled this feature with a generous configuration and may modify the configuration over time.


When the image is uploaded do you loose source resolution or is this loss only when displaying.

I know that resolution would at least be reduced for images larger than the site limit if we turned that on. I don’t know for sure what the impact would be otherwise; which was why I don’t want to just flip it on even though it has other benefits. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let folks know that this particular new feature, while valuable, isn’t (at least immediately) enabled on Maker Forums.

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I have found the lack of seeing full resolution a problem until I realized I can open the image in another browser tab and get the full resolution image. It would have been better to have a link to that high rez image in the image subtitle but atleast there is a workaround will a full browser. Not sure about mobile.

Right; with browser optimization on upload, it will limit the resolution of the uploaded image. There is a link at the bottom of the image if you hover over the image, as well.

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I just went back and looked at an image by clicking it, got the low-rez image and saw the noted link and stated higher resolution and then clicked on the image and got the higher rez image. Is this new or have I been not opening the high rez image this way because I’ve not seen the “+” mouse pointer on the image? Either way, I like the idea of the low-rez version for quick page load and high-rez on opening the image directly by clicking the image and clicking it again.

As far as I know, it’s how it’s been forever in Maker Forums years. “Download” at the lower right is the original upload.

Obviously if the browser downscales it before upload you can’t see as much detail later. :relaxed:

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Right, I’ve always seen the ‘original size’ link and “Download” label and have used that a few times to look more closely at posted pics. I just must have missed that after clicking on the image(not the download link) and it opened the image as a pop-over image viewer, I didn’t notice that clicking on that image got me the high resolution version of that image. I do that type of thing often when the mouse cursor icon changes to the circled “+” icon indicating switching/zooming to the high resolution version. Good to know it does that even if there is no feedback indicating it is available.

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I have enabled browser-side image optimization. We have set a larger target size than the default to preserve detail in images we are trying to debug and may change that configuration over time to optimize both for space and image detail.

Enabling this feature means that you should never have to explicitly resize a cell phone image to post here; the right thing should just happen.