Maker Forums updated to Discourse 2.7.0.beta6: Click Here To Learn About Exciting New Features

Every get tired of the “This site has been upgraded. refresh / cancel” modal that pops up after a Discourse update?

Me too.

I’m happy to say that as of today’s update, these days are almost over.

For any tabs you still have open from before the update, they are still running 2.7.0.beta5 in your browser and will show the modal one more time. Now that this update is complete, after you refresh all your tabs, that modal will be gone. You’ll still see a banner, but the banner won’t generally get in the way of using the site. You’ll still want to refresh to make the banner go away, but it won’t interrupt your reading. You’ll just see this near the top of the page:

But Wait, There’s More!

We have some pretty long topics, and difficulty marking up headers for links into the middle of them has been painful and most people have just given up. No more! It is now easy to link to headers in a topic. I’m so excited!

Automatic header anchor links

Have a long topic and want to link users to a paragraph 2/3 of the way down? No problem, Discourse now allows users to copy links with anchors allowing users to jump to a header within a topic. Hover over a header to reveal a :link:, like in the screenshot below. Click the link to add an anchor to the URL. Copy the URL from your address bar to share with others.

Still Looking For More?

What if you could make your bookmarks show up at the top of the list, like sitewide pinned posts? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Bookmark pinning

Bookmarks can now be pinned, like topic, keeping them at the top of your list so you never have to dig deep for your favorite topic.

OK, I’m not going to quote the entire release notes. Feel free to go read them. :relaxed:


There are so many things that irritate me about Discourse that I barely notice that one. I think it’s partly because I was so delighted by it’s initial concept of integrating a forum and a mailing list that I’m all that more saddened by it’s failure to do either even as well as existing single-use alternatives.

The automatic header anchor links will not be accessible on any particular post until it has been “rebaked” — the HTML rewritten to include the anchors. Posts with headers are being automatically “rebaked” in the background, starting from the most recent posts and working back to the oldest such posts.

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I believe that all affected posts have been rebaked. If you find a post with headers for which header links aren’t available, please let me know.

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