Maker Forums T-Shirt

Well you know I had to do it :smiley: Using the freezer paper stenciling technique I posted about previously (Laser Cut Stencils for Painting Fabric) I created the first Maker Forums t-shirt :boom:

The small inside sections of the letters were a major pain in the ass to apply since I didn’t link them to the overall stencil. Also there can be a small amount of bleed with the technique so small lettering like this doesn’t always work cleanly. I’m providing a slightly different stencil in case anyone else wants to use it. This stencil uses actual stencil font so hopefully it will work a little better.


(or drop box link


:tshirt: That is T-riffic! :tshirt:


First wearing of the T-shirt in the public. Was at Walmart and actually got asked about it. Think I need to make some cards to hand out. :slight_smile: