Maker Forums site maintenance today, 22 May 2022

Today at around 12:30-13:30 US/Eastern, there will be one or more brief networking outages due to hosting system maintenance. During these changes, even the normal maintenance page will be unavailable.

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The IPv6 address for was changed in this maintenance event. No other user-visible changes should be evident. If you are having trouble reaching Maker Forums from a mobile device or via a hot spot after this event, it is likely due to the old IPv6 address being cached and should be better soon.

Update: While debugging some problems a few hours after this maintenance, I ended up rebooting the host system, adding approximately two minutes during which the site was not available. Additionally, you may have momentarily gotten the site maintenance notice a other few times during the debugging.

Rebooted one more time for some additional drive space that will make future maintenance simpler. Sorry for the repeated downtime today; it’s been an investment towards our future. :relaxed:

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