Maker Forums maintenance planned today, 17 December

Maker Forums (Discourse) will be down for a few minutes today while I migrate our database to faster storage. I expect this to take at least five minutes and maybe up to fifteen.

Maker Forums Social (Mastodon) will also have a similar brief outage for a similar upgrade.

Maker Forums Discourse was down for about 13 minutes for this update. I’m seeing about 5x faster page views with the new database storage.

In the planned migration to the new system soon, downtime during updates of the host system will be substantially reduced, because we’ll migrate from Ubuntu to AlmaLinux and both system updates and reboots are far faster.

Maker Forums Social update is still coming, planned for later today.

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The Mastodon update is underway. The outage will be longer than Discourse, due to a larger file migration. My current estimate is an outage of between 20 and 30 minutes, starting at 21:55 US/Eastern. If it goes beyond 22:30 US/Eastern I plan to provide an update here.

As of 22:22 US/Eastern Mastodon is back in service.