Maker Forums maintenance affecting site performance

A background maintenance task is keeping the server very busy right now. You may notice some things taking longer than usual during this work, such as opening a new post to read, making a new post, and “infinite” scrolling to fill in as you read a post. We expect this task to take a week or two to complete. Thanks for your patience!

This work was completed last night.

For a few people (I’ve found two so far) the Profile Picture in your Account Preferences was trashed during the migration, possibly due to some bug I temporarily introduced while writing new parts of the migration process, or possibly due to Digital Ocean Spaces being very unreliable during the migration.

If this happened to you, please accept my apologies and upload a new Profile Picture. I would prefer to be able to do this for everyone without asking, but I don’t have data easily available to do this work with confidence that I’m not making mistakes.

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