Maker forum, second organic link

(Brandon Satterfield) #1

I ran a few internet sites. Organic search is the hardest thing to achieve. A huge tip of the hat to a great maker, comrade, and contributor, Mr. Johnson. Second organic link in Google.

The guys that know me, know that I always had a special place for another maker Eric Lien. I must apologize I haven’t completely nailed down tagging people.

Eric could take my crude models that worked and make them beautiful.

He continues to do so! Very much looking forward to seeing what’s about to come.

(Anthony Bolgar) #2

I have been tracking the search results on google since I started the forums, and it has been incredible the way it has risen through the ranks. That is almost 100% in part to Micheal being able to archive and import the historical content from so many G+ communities. We are getting high ranking results for searches on “maker forum” maker forums" " best maker forum" .

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(Michael K Johnson) #3

Hi @Brandon_Satterfield! Thanks for the props! I hope that over the next few months, as people do searches that point to content here, we’ll meet new friends (and reconnect with old friends) who find us because the content they are looking for has been preserved here.

For tagging people, you can generally just type @ and start typing a name and it will auto-complete matches both against name and “handle” — but (of course) “Michael” and “Eric” are such common names that neither of us show up in the short search results for @Michael or @Eric. So @mcdanlj and @Eclsnowman are harder to find than typical names. (Unlike @Anthony — which auto-completes first to @funinthefalls, and @Brandon — which auto-completes to you.) So we aren’t making it easy for you. I guess we can blame our parents for giving us such common names? But I’m pretty attached to mine!

Now that most of the saved content has moved here, I’m finally getting back into the shop. Feels good!

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(Brandon Satterfield) #4

@funinthefalls sorry bud, forgot to drop props on you. I didn’t know you had kicked things off. Great job sir!!

(Ned Hill) #5

And now we are #1 !!!


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