Makeblock   new generation 3D printer kit is launched on  3dprintersonlinestore  now! Fully assembled,

(Evans Li) #1

@Makeblock new generation 3D printer kit is launched on @3dprintersonlinestor now! Fully assembled, stable anodized aluminum frame, delicate OLED screen, 8G TF card, FREE SHIPPING!

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Makeblock - mElephant 3D Printer kit

(Adam Steinmark) #2

How is this different than a Prusa?

(Jeff DeMaagd) #3

It’s making a Prusa-like machine using a somewhat new erector set type system.

(christophe malvasio) #4

there are more interesting products in this reseller online shop

(Francis Lee) #5

Pretty cool. An i3 derivative with horizontal x-rails.

(Adam Steinmark) #6

@Francis_Lee I didn’t even see that until you mentioned it.

(Francis Lee) #7

haha no biggie… You are right. It’s basically a Prusa. I didn’t mean to sound like I was taking a dig at you.
Jeff is right too. It looks like a toy i3… like the Lego CNC machine that cuts floral foam…

(Adam Steinmark) #8

@Francis_Lee no I didnt think you were taking a dig at me. And yeah it looks childish for the expensive price

(Evans Li) #9

Yes, it’s a i3 structure 3D printer. The amazing part is Makeblock will launch CNC and laser head for this printer after they finished software.