Make sure you read quantity...needed 4 now have 40....

Make sure you read quantity…needed 4 now have 40…

Are those lmu10? I am sure someone on here will be able to use them.


I see a new project in your future.

@Derek_Schuetz ​ BTW what are the lm10uu bearings for? I hope not the Eustathios, cause those are lm10luu. The extra l makes it the long version (55mm I think).

Well shit…@Eclsnowman could I use 2 of these instead of 1 of the long versions? There 30mm each so an extra 5 mm

@Derek Schuetz , Eric mentioned that won’t work. Bummer.

@Derek Schuetz , Eric mentioned that won’t work. Bummer.

@Derek_Schuetz my guess is two would just cause binding from misalignments. But you can always test it.

ok i just ordered the correct one from a local CNC store…now what will i do with 40 LM8UU bearing…

Design a 10 axis robot😉

Or you can build some smaller 3d machines like the pursa and sell them. Or a mini eustathios. I’m sure you will sell.

And the funny thing is: 40 isn’t crazily more expensive than 4. Part price from US store: $4/piece x 4 + $5 shipping = $21…Part price from Ali Express: $0.75 X 40 + $10 shipping = $40

I was looking at Acme Rod and needed 4…The price for 10 was less than twice the price for 4 ($200 shipped vs. $120 shipped)…But I didn’t need 10, and have no desire to go into business as a 3D printer part supplier.