Make PCBs using a mini CNC Router under $200!

Hi everyone, I have did some research to find a cheap CNC router to make prototype PCBs and I have came across this one: So I have bought one, not expecting much and the result were very good, clean circuit boards. I’ve got the traces as thin as 0.6 mm. I have made a YouTube video showing the process of make a PCB using this machine. I also have the parts I have used and the software in the description. I also made a video about applying UV solder mask. There is a lot more projects to come as well.

Here is the link to my YouTube channel/video:

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Pretty impressive results.
Will you post or link to some form of build log that outlines what software, hardware, bits and setting are being used?

Hi, yes in my video in the description, I put all of the links to all the parts/bits I used, as well as the programs I used, which were all free. I will make a more in depth video about the specs. So if you want to see more subscribe and like the video so I know to make more videos on it. Thanks!

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