Maiden flight today ;) hoovering with AltiHold and PosHold enabled ...

(sicherlich nicht) #1

Maiden flight today :wink:
hoovering with AltiHold and PosHold enabled … was a bit windy
more pictures here:

i used a APM 2.6 set with GPS and power module from ebay (70euros), Engine set from DIJ E310 (Motors, ESC, Props and powerboard) (170euros) and a 3S 3300mAh LiPo (SLS)
RC: Jeti RC-easy copter and DC-16
todo: jeti telemetrie (mav2duplex) and BT-module, just waiting for a cable :confused:
total lift-off mass: 1.37kg
Frame aprox 550g (only 3D printed stuff)
aprox 50g of screws (V2A)
Lipo 285g
Elektronics+Motors+Cables 485g

(Daniel Norée) #2

Well done @sicherlich_nicht ​ it’s so cool to finally see it airborne!

(Sergi Uerdna) #3

Very nice! Is it possible to have BOM and where to buy proposal?

(sicherlich nicht) #4

thnx :wink:
i added some details what i used here and also on my thingiverse page
the E310 set from DJI seems to be sufficient, but similar propulsion would do too i guess. regarding flight control its up to you, i used APM which just fits. Naza would fit better i think but i did not want to spent 300euros on it :wink:

(Sergi Uerdna) #5

Is the CC3D going to fit as well as the APM on it?

(sicherlich nicht) #6

i think its smaller than the APM, so it should fit, you just have to make up a holder for it with vibration dampening. i made this one for my APM:

(George Biskitjoglou) #7

Can you share the link of the ebay seller that you bought the apm ? my naza controller is malfunctioned and i am thinking of switching to apm. You bought an original one ? Is it stable ? `what are your 1st impressions ?

(sicherlich nicht) #8

i bought this set:
but when i tried to fit it i realized i needed the APM with horizontal connections:
its from the same seller, so maybe they can replace it when you buy the set?! or buy everything seperately, doesn’t make much of a difference

(Mr covert) #9

What’s the frame weight without an electronics, motors. Just the printed parts ?

(sicherlich nicht) #10

its all written on my thingiverse page :slight_smile:

(Neal Wallace) #11

Really nice to see it airborne! Great work!

(Fok van der Spa) #12

How do you connect both arm parts except from the screw at the curved end?

(sicherlich nicht) #13

in the holes you stick short pieces of 1.75mm ABS press both parts together and then use three cable ties to bind the two part together.
befor you tie them together check if ESC and motor is working as expected

(Nursultan Altynov) #14

Great work!!! And excellent design!!!
What’s the screw and nuts size, for arms and body parts?

(sicherlich nicht) #15

thnx :wink: im also very happy with its performance. APM 2.6 is a very cool piece of hardware.
As for the screws i only used M3 V2A screws and nuts. The two parts of the arms are hold together by cable binders. That was avery cool idea from Daniel!