Mahor Pellet Extruder

(1) Anyone currently using the Mahor pellet extruder?

(2) Has anyone purchased one very recently?

(3) Does anyone have CAD for the hot end?

Hi @gear! Sadly, while @Miguel_Angel_Salmer1 's content here was imported to MakerForums from Google+ when Google shut down Google+, Miguel has not yet logged into MakerForums, so won’t get notification of your question, sadly. :frowning:

Posting here quickly as I have been getting the latest version “working”, and found no active support networks for it anywhere. Been modding for a few weeks as we work around the discovered shortcomings.

TL;DR is that this is not a finished, functional product, but is likely a useful starting point for small scale pellet printers, and probably a fun testbed if you want to play around with regrind. Don’t have time to do a full writeup, but happy to collab with others who have one and are getting it to work, if those folks exist.