Made some real progress today on the test rig,

Made some real progress today on the test rig, managed to get all the cabling run in drag chains all nice and neat the way I like it. Tomorrow should be the day that it will make its first small moves to calibrate the steppers and drivers. Colour me excited!

cool stuff :slight_smile: you carrying the tube upright?

No, just a laser diode for laser testing and a 1.5kw spindle for cnc testing

It would be an interesting experiment to mount a tube vertically, would not have any mirrors to align, and the beam would always be at its optimum sweet spot. And you could adjust focus height by moving the tube up and down instead of the table up and down. It would have to be a much beefier setup though to be able to move the head at any reasonable speed. I’d be crazy enough to try it, as long as I was using other peoples money…lol! (I see many broken tubes in its future)

why so high? surly you can only cut the space under the centre carriage?

Yup, the height is so I can tack water lines for the spindle, hose for dust collector etc. Once I see how much I really need I will cut it to length.

there is not reason the tube should break, it would put more stress on the lower water connection, big potential issue is bubbles i would assume.
It does have a lot of advantages like you listed, cut to make an enclosed unit its HUGE :smiley: especially if you want 100ws :wink:

Close to 8’ tall unless you want the work bed to be at floor level :slight_smile:

Bubbles could be mitigated by adding water wetter to the cooling water to reduce surface tension. But would hate to have to turn the machine on its side to get rid of air bubbles :wink:

good idea, could make it so you can detach it and rotate just the tube,