Made some party lights using Andrew Tuline's "Soundmems Peak Ripple" code.

(Danny Evans) #1

Made some party lights using Andrew Tuline’s “Soundmems Peak Ripple” code.

(Jason Coon) #2

Looks great! Is that Milkdrop playing on the screen in the lower right?

(Danny Evans) #3

I can’t be sure but I suspect so.

Thanks for the compliment. Video isn’t very good but the lights looked awesome in person.

Been checking out some of your work. Quite interested in recreating the fibonacci spiral light you’ve made. Any chance of a guide on the creation? It boggles my mind how you’ve mapped those lights.

(Jason Coon) #4

Thanks! I don’t have a guide, but there are details spread throughout the comments on my posts. Maybe some day I’ll gather them all into a guide.

For the physical construction, I’d start with this post, where Jim Bumgardner shared his layout and the Processing code he used to generate it: I used a string of 100 12mm waterproof LEDs, but you could also use 8mm (non waterproof) ones.

As for mapping, Mark had a great suggestion on XY mapping here: For mapping the spiral arms, I just did it manually (on a printed copy of the layout), and copied down the indexes into a 2 dimensional array (one entry for each arm, then one entry for each LED in each arm):