Made a video on that a time ago.

Made a video on that a time ago. But now Ive seen this sells atleast to the EU. Sry for murican guys and such here ;D

As before, there’s the inconvenience of having to thread the cutters off a spool or on a spool if the objective is to run continuous rather than pieces of color. The pieces of color aspect has its merits, of course.

I have a machinist friend in the USA who was willing to duplicate this item if I could get sufficient interest. My post regarding that interest remained dead, so nothing done.

@Fred_U Its more for pieces of filament which cant be used for a whole print rather than fusing full spools together…

@VolksTrieb Absolutely!

That does look very nice. It’s probably priced decently if it works well, though shipping would cost me more than the item. There’s several different filament joiners on Thingiverse, might be several more elsewhere.