Made a silicone ice cube tray.

Made a silicone ice cube tray. Skull shaped!

Boil your water first. I heard it will make the water crystal clear ice

to get clear ice its pretty simple you have to slow down the freezing process and give the place for impurities to go, which are what freeze last. I’ve gotten pretty good results by just placing an icecube tray inside another box with a tight lid and using britta filtered water. the air in the box insulates the trays and slightly slows down the freezing process and creates more of a directional freezeing from top to bottom, i don’t have any place for the impurities to go so even with filtered water there is like 1-3 mm of cloudiness toward the bottom of the cubes while the rest of the cubes are crystal clear. I plan on using expanding foam to fill the area of the box that the air occupies to better insulate and then put in holes into the bottom of the trays so when the directional freezing completes the bottom most try will be all the cloudy bits, and the top three will be the clear cubes. then i just toss out the cloudy bits and repeat! (if you want more info look up bidirectional freezing or industrial clear ice manufacturing) or subscribe to my blog and await the blog post on my ice project debut. :smiley: