Made a quick mount for a cable chain to carry the heated bed wires.

Made a quick mount for a cable chain to carry the heated bed wires. It would make the printer look nicer and cleaner, but I am a bit worried this may put some forces on the bed that may be undesirable and affect print quality. The chain will ride on the left-rear vertical extrusion. I couldn’t make this work in the CAD assembly, unfortunately, but it will in real life. Thoughts?

I might try to have it connect closer to the rods to avoid it pulling the bed out of tram.

That’s what I’m worried about, but I’d have to add something to keep the chain straight.

@Erik_Scott @Eclsnowman Any update on this? I would love to finish my Eustathios build and get my heated bed installed along with this or similar cable chain.

Sorry, I will get the files to you when I get home. Say maybe 2 hours or so. Alternatively, you can find my Eustathios onshape file and export the part yourself.

Thanks @Erik_Scott What is your username or how do I find you on onshape?

Not sure. It isn’t well organized. I’m on my phone right now, so I can’t give you a link.

No worries. I can’t print it today anyway.


@Erik_Scott Do you have an STL file for just the bracket? Also what cable chain would I use with this?

Oops, forgot I had some reference objects in there. This should be a clean version:

@Erik_Scott Sweet! I will print that at home tonight on my other 3D printer. :slight_smile:

Which cable chain is this supposed to work with?

Oops, sorry, I forgot: and

@Erik_Scott Do you know which part # I need? I’m not exactly sure which part from mcmaster mounts to this quick mount.

I also wonder if there is a cable chain that I can print instead of ordering one.

Dunno why those didn’t work. Try this:
and this:

Don’t know what to suggest in regards to printable ones. Sorry.