Machine is not recognised my PC

Hi all,

This is my first post here.
I have a Suncoo 40w laser engraver.
I bought it 1 year ago and i havent changed a thing on it.
It was working fine but a month ago suddenlt it is not recognised by PC and it keeps saying that machine is doconnected.
I have bought a new m2 nano board along with usb key but same situation.

I am suspecting faulty power supply.
Any ideas / suggestions?

Show us a picture of the Laser Power supply showing its connectors.
Do you have a meter to measure the DC voltage on the connector that goes from the LPS to the M2 board?

I checked voltage on the 4 pins cable going from power supply to main board
From left to right:

  1. 24 V
  2. 0 V
  3. 5 V
  4. 4+ V

Regarding the fourth pin marked as “L” do you know what is the appropriate level?
I will get a picture tomorrow when i get to the lab but i haven’t moved any connection besides replacing the stock board with identical one

4v should be enough i think in the L pin as it triggers the laser when it is pulled low by connecting to ground(generally done through a MOSFET). Usually there is a threshold that it has to cross to trigger, but of how much though I am not certain. i would guess maybe the 3v logic mark but checking datasheets may prove more accurate.

Here are picture of connectors in power supply and board.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

DC voltages look ok. 4V on pin 4, the L pin, is ok. It gets pulled to gnd to fire the laser.
Did you make these measurements at the M2 board?

I would suspect a problem with the software driver or the USB cable.

Note: in the picture on the far left connector one pin looks pushed up…

I tried multiple cables and multiple PCs.
Which measurements on m2? You mean on the blue connector?

I dont think it is a board issue. If i switch of the machine and i move x and y axis manually and switch on the machine, they reset to reference point.

Yes, if the machine homes on reset its not likely the cable going to the M2 and the M2 control is working.
Seems like the common denominator is still the software driver.
I do not use the M2 so my ability to help with the PC connection is limited.

Can i use any other software/ driver?

Yes, You can use the original software (Laser Draw) that is made by the same company that makes the M2 Nano board.

You can download the software from this page: Downloads Page

Laser Draw uses a different driver than K40 Whisperer so make sure to follow the driver removal instructions on the K40 whisperer Windows install page:

When the LibUSB driver is removed Windows should install the default driver for you when it finds the laser engraver (The laser needs to be powered on for Windows to find it.).

I am currently using LaserDraw software and i am facing this issue.

Sorry about that, I misunderstood.

Will whisperer software work on my machine?
My machine is the below one

Can you post instruction how to test whisperer software on windows 10 PC?

K40 Whisperer should work with your laser controller board but if your board will not work with Laser Draw I suspect it will not work with K40 Whisperer.

The setup instructions are here if you want to try:

After you have K40 Whisperer installed click Initialize. If you don’t get an error and the machine homes it is working.