M907 doesn't sent motor current?

Even though in the config file it was set 1.5, the motors were getting incredibly hot so I changed down to 0.5 And unknowingly they were still getting too hot. I was actually using the M907 command to set 0.3 thinking any lower and the motor would just simply not turn any more.

Unfortunately because this is a Flash forge dreamer case, the Z stepper got incredibly hot to the point it dropped out of the housing basically destroying the printer :frowning:

I did not realise until someone posted in another thread that is not Marlin compatible. It is one reason why I wanted to get rid of the flash forge board because it was just nothing standard. But I just seem to have swapped one bunch of problems for another :frowning:

I was starting to get the hang of the board for now I just have to buy a new printer :frowning:

Sorry to hear about the damage!

It’s possible to run Marlin on smoothieboards, but it’s not the default. Smoothieware and smoothieboards were developed together.