M2 Nano 1/16(?) micro stepping

I’ve read that the stepper drivers are in 1/16 mode and that the motion system runs at 1000 DPI, but the math doesn’t quite check out:

  • The X motor has a step angle of 0.9° (400 steps per revolution).
  • The pitch of the X belt is 0.08" (2.032 mm) and the pulley on the X motor has 20 teeth.
  • One full rotation = 1.6".
  • 1.6" / 400 steps = 0.004" per step.

So, you’d only need 1/4 micro stepping for 1000 DPI, right?

Am I missing something? Which part is wrong?

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Math checks for me. I don’t have an m2nano to check, but if I were implementing it from scratch with these requirements (that is, a language that specifies movement in 0.001" increments), I would certainly consider configuring the drivers in 1/16 microstepping, and interpolating four steps per unit sent for smoother movement. That’s only a few machine instructions; should be well within the capabilities of the old processor used on the m2nano.

@Tatarize do you happen to know from your experiments while writing Meerk40t?

Yes. Hooking an actual logical analysis on the machine itself shows quite clearly that every 4 ticks is 1 step. The chips are very much at 1/4th micro stepping.