LW4 on Rapsberry pi 3b+ not running

Hi everybody,
i installed laserweb 4 on a Raspberrypi according to this manual https://github.com/…/lw.co…/wiki/Manual-Installation-(RasPi)

so far so good…
but now when i start the LW-server it seems to work. but when i try you check if it works using the following command “systemctl status lw.comm-server”
i get the following response.

has anybody an idea what i did wrong?

The actual error messages are cut off.

You could systemctl status lw.comm-server | cat so that it doesn’t trim off the errors.

thanks for replying…
i did as u told me :slight_smile:

(Hopefully someone who actually knows LW can help better now. I just happened to see that the information was truncated.)

Does it work if you manually start the server with node server.js?

Hi cprezzi,
it seems to work.

Ok, then the problem seems to be at the linux service script (or user rights). There are some pathes in the service script that probably need to be adjusted to your system. Check the script lw.comm-server.service at /etc/systemd/system/.

Unfortunately I am not a linux pro.

Thank you for trying to help…
seems there is really smth totally wrong.
i am not really used to linux as well.

The directory /etc/systemd/system should contain a file lw.comm-server.service

ls -l /etc/systemd/system/lw.comm-server.service
cat /etc/systemd/system/lw.comm-server.service

its there…but what about the permissions ?

The permissions are fine such as they are. It’s not a big file, just 512 bytes. The second command I provided will show the contents of the file.

The file /var/log/messages may contain meaningful error messages from trying to start the service.

(I am @cprezzi’s complement here; I know something about Linux but nothing about LaserWeb at this point…)

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