Lw3 saved my butt.

Lw3 saved my butt. My co2 fsl laser USB connection failed, so I had to switch to my smoothieboard 6w LD. This was 2 passes on 200mm x 300mm hickory. Nothing wrong, just wanted to give thumbs up to lw3!


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Hopefully, during the course of the life I have remaining, I’ll be remembered for saying something a little more classy(;

True that. But I was in the USN for 23 years, and my brutal honesty was taken as abrasive at times.
Matters not, lw3 saved my butt!

Well, Peter, hopefully, I am not giving you cause to think I am executing “covered-up backstabbing”. I wrote that lw3 saved me. What I didn’t write was that smoothieboard is attached to my laser diode machine, and I don’t like using it for projects that are rushed, because I can’t run burn speeds nearly as fast due to being a diode.
So, the point of my post was to compliment your team. If I failed to convey that… Don’t know what to tell you.
Didn’t come here to scrap, and maybe I’m reading you wrong, but since I don’t how to code, the only currency I can deal with, besides cash, is to tell you, good job.

Unfriendly back-stabbing (or back-spearing) is also an option.

@Mike_Mills1 Whats you said was awesome and inspiring to all the team. Rest assure LaserWeb team is happy

+Ariel Yahni, thank you, and to all in the community that enjoy using it.

@Mike_Mills1 You’d probably fit in well with us Dutch people… We’re considered abrasive and/or offensive for the same reasons… :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: salutes @Mike_Mills1 , thank your for your service protecting freedoms world wide! :wink:

+Peter van der Walt I can appreciate that when it refers to employers… This the reason my friend and I will be starting our business next year (I keep telling myself the only ass&ole I can work for is myself… :))

@CescoAiel I served when I was younger, and still serve as a contractor for the Navy. I wish the world were at peace, but that does not look like the immediate future.
As for Holland, closest I ever got was Stockholm in 1982. But, I’m American, living in Japan for 26 years, and about 15 clicks away is a theme park dedicated to… Holland. If you want laugh, look up Has Ten Bosch!

@Mike_Mills1 I’ve heard about that park (and looked it up) before… It’s full of stereotypes, obviously, but all in good fun, eh?
I served in the Dutch Army during the 2nd Gulf War (Although most in the West call that one the FIRST Gulf war, as it was the first time the West got involved directly) in '90/'91, and partook in the Joint Taskforce under Gen. John Shalikashvili (Later CJCS under Clinton)

My salute to you also sir. I had only a support role for DesertStorm, even I was begging to go. No matter where you have served, the mission is to bring peace, if possible.
What I did walk away with after the military, was the world is much bigger and smarter than me.
Now, I just want to play with my toys!!!

^^^THAT! ^^^ And a go-getter can-do attitude that cannot be beaten down! :wink:
Gimme my toys and games! :stuck_out_tongue: