Ludicris!!!!  $30.00 to have FABLAB  print 3 bearing holders for the Eustathios V2.

Ludicris!!! $30.00 to have FABLAB print 3 bearing holders for the Eustathios V2. At that rate, it’ll cost more then a $100 to print all the parts. I prefer to wait for the “print is forward”. I guess I’ll put the rest of the expensive parts purchases on hold till I get the 3D printed items.

you never responded to my post about being able to help you out if you supply the material

I’m experimenting with slightly different configuration of bearing holders, but printed the regular ones for a fallback, just in case. If my experiments workout, I will not need the standard holders and can send them to you if you still need them. It will be at least after next weekend though

@Derek_Schuetz I lost your message. For some reason I couldn’t get it back. Since I messaged more then 1 person, I also forgot whom responded. I’ll take your offer. Can you email me? gus.montoya@gmail
@Mykyta_Yurtyn Sure I’ll take em :slight_smile: Keep me posted.

@Gus_Montoya are you needing the bearing holders for the 10mm gantry rods?

@Isaac_Arciaga I am needing every 3d printed part required for the Eustathios V2 build.

@Gus_Montoya I probably have all the plastic for the gantry that I can send to you. I’d have to check tonight.

That would be awesome :slight_smile: Can you send a picture to my email? This is the V2 model correct?

@Gus_Montoya it looks like @Derek_Schuetz can do better by printing the whole set for you if you send him a spool.

Sent money, I love this community. Thanks derek!