Low amount of money :/

Maybe consider the Monoprice Mini Select for a first printer? Last I checked it was something like $220 for a complete printer rather than a kit, so you can actually start printing immediately. Not sure about support from Monoprice, but I believe there are some support groups and a warranty on the printer.

This would let you get your feet wet in 3D printing while you are learning how to design models in Fusion 360 or Blender, which is probably a more important part of the hobby.

Think of it this way, you can build a shed with a saw, cutting pieces down to the correct sizes to be put together. Would you rather build the shed or build the saw from scratch and have to constantly tinker with the wiring? If you are more interested in playing with the saw, then the above kits are a good place to start.

@John-Paul_Hopman the modeling is not my problem, Im working with blender everyday, and its not a problem to learn Fusion 360.

Also, someone mentioned before about the Arduino and the Anycubic. That is also not a problem to work with arduino and changing code. Im familiar with Arduino.

So I guess its gonna change my final devision.

I’ve got the Geeetech printer. Really enjoyed building it and setting it up. Print quality is very good. (better since I fitted stainless lead screws) Good support and a good website with forums, etc. Very impressed so far. Took my time building it and everything worked pretty much first time. Run it from Repetier-host via USB. Easier than the manual dial up control. I use FreeCAD for modelling.

I’ve got 2 - Geeetech i3 pro w and am very happy with them. Both are work horses and they are almost running 24/7. Got them from LightintheBox for $128USD.