Loving Chilipeppr with my TinyG G2 powered X-Carve machine.

Loving Chilipeppr with my TinyG G2 powered X-Carve machine. I have been doing a lot of PCB stuff lately, specifically Raspberry Pi HATs. Per the HAT spec, I am trying to mill out a slot on the PCB for the camera connector. I am using a great eagle library that has a bunch of RPi HATs with different features, including one with the slot. I’ve used this component for PCBs from both OSHPark and Seeedstudio and all have come back with the proper slot cut. The slot is defined on the ‘outline’ layer, which I believe is correct.

I am trying to migrate my pcb milling workflow from FlatCAM (lots of steps to get toolpaths) to chilipeppr (much simpler, yay!). When loading this board into chilipeppr though, the slot does not get detected as needing to be milled. It shows up on the render, just no tool paths are created to do the milling. I made sure to chose a board dimensions cutout tool that is narrower than the slot.

Is this just too advanced of a feature for the eagle widget at this time?

Images of my test board are below:

I don’t think we support slots yet. @ameen.nihad want to tackle this next?

Right, I’m planning to start working on this feature from tonight, for the past few days I’ve been working on rendering curved dimension and curved signal wires correctly, my previous solution only supports 90 degree curves with no support to signal wires, I finally got it right last night, I love how this light ring board looks.
@jlauer can we undo the pull request for board holders? it look really bad in Mike’s example, I have different approach for this feature.
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@ameen.nihad thank you so much for the work on the eagle widget. It is fantastic how you implement such “usable” things in such a short time.
I love open source for this. It shapes from using it and NOT how you can best sell it…

We owe you a refreshingly soft drink for your contributions. Keep up the good work.

Thank you @Andre_S it’s my pleasure, I used ChiliPeppr a lot last year, I owe everyone contributed in this awesome project, the contribution I’m doing now is just a small payback.

@jlauer @raykholo I’m almost done with this feature, I just need to make a decision whether to inflate or deflate a Clipper path, is there a way in ClipperLib to check if one path is inside another one? any suggestion?

You could do a diff of paths and see what you get back. If you diff the smaller path into the larger path and get one back you knew it was smaller. Something like that. I have a bunch of utility method in there that could get used to sort of achieve a Boolean conclusion by merging paths

@Mike_Machado Support for slots is implemented, still experimental, I hope you can test your boards on http://www.chilipeppr.com/ameen
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Oh man, I love open source! I will check it out this weekend and send some pictures! Thanks so much @ameen.nihad !

I just noticed small issue that I can fix easily, currently slots are milled after board dimensions, I’ll sort this out tomorrow.