Looks like some great stuff,

(David Clunie) #1

Looks like some great stuff, all but the price that is! $175 per Liter! WOW! I’m sure its just a matter of time before 3rd party resin companies will release a similar resin on the cheap.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #2

MadeSolid has been offering Vorex tough resin for half a year now. Neither provide specific data to provide an adequate comparison.

(James Kao) #3

MadeSolid Vorex has an ultimate tensile strength of around 7500 psi and elongation of around 4.5% (http://blog.madesolid.com/2014/11/new-vorex-resin-tough-resin-now-available/)

Formlabs Tough has an ultimate tensile strength of 7570 PSI (52.2MPa) and elongation of 31% (http://formlabs.com/products/materials/tough/)

In comparison, ABS formulations are generally around an tensile strength at yield of 6000-6500 and elongation of around 25-30%.(http://teststandard.com/data_sheets/ABS_Data_sheet.pdf)

Natureworks PLA formulations (http://www.natureworksllc.com/~/media/Technical_Resources/one-pagers/ingeo-resin-grades-brochure_pdf.pdf) tend to have an tensile strength at yield in the 9000 PSI range and elongation in 3-5% range.

The Vorex resin blog page (http://blog.madesolid.com/2014/11/new-vorex-resin-tough-resin-now-available/) includes measurements for several other types of SLA resin.

In general, it looks like this new Formlabs resin is very similar to ABS and compares favorably in strength compared to other existing SLA resins. It’s likely that in terms of heat deformation temperature, it’s probably also similar to ABS (they don’t give the HDT number, but they do warn that it’s much lower than other resins). In comparison, the HDTs for most existing resins on the market is quite high, with many in the “ABS” range able to survive the rubber vulcanization process for molds, which is in the 315-350F range.

(James Kao) #4

I found the Tough datasheet (http://formlabs.com/media/upload/Tough-DataSheet.pdf). Looks like the HDT is 43.2C (109.8F) and 7570PSI is the tensile strength at yield, rather than at break.