Looks like Printrbot  is releasing their own all-metal hot end!  Originally shared by Brook

Looks like @Printrbot is releasing their own all-metal hot end!

Originally shared by Brook Drumm


Nice teaser!

Is this all-metal one more reliable than the existing one on my Printrbot Metal Simple?

This nozzle is changing a few key things. My first priority is making it cheaper and easier to manufacture. This will result in a lower cost for end users. It will also go to higher temps - 300C. It also adds a fan to ensure no heat seep on long, multi-hour prints. I think it looks sexy too.

Without PTFE inlay?

@Maxim_Melcher that’s what all metal kinda means…

I have no experience with metal hot ends… but… wouldn’t it be more likely to jam without a ptfe inlay? I’m assuming that is why E3D uses a ptfe inlay.

@ThantiK Hmmm, I see that as a challenge! Soon I will build a full metal hot-end … It would be interesting to see if it works.

@Shai_Schechter ​ the e3d does NOT use a ptfe liner… Where the hell are you getting that idea from? This is a cross-cut from the E3D hot end heat break: http://e3d-online.com/image/data/v6/half%20HB%20with%20filament%204web.jpg

That’s merely the bowden tube being allowed to fit on an inner lip so that it facilitates alignment better. If you use direct drive, that doesn’t even come into play. The E3D is an all metal hot end. It does not use a PTFE “inlay” or liner…

@ThantiK http://youtu.be/xr02pG58gaU?t=4m22s
Look, the PTFE tube is pushed to the thermal barrier! This is PTFE inlay in another form!

What I’m hearing is “our hotends were great, that’s why we’ve completely redesigned them.”

PTFE and peek start to melt around 245C. Some materials, like nylon, polycarbonate and ultem require tempertures much higher than 245c, so that’s why all metal. Some all metal hot ends jam much less often vs PTFE lined hot ends.

Side note, the reprap discount hexagon is all metal in the 3mm version, but the 1.75 version has a ptfe liner. So these people asking are not totally off base.

And this: http://youtu.be/zcrnElHjfeQ?t=48s
Really all metal, only metal?

@Maxim_Melcher , I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. The PTFE you’re referencing, never even touches molten/softened plastic. E3D says you’re wrong. The very guy who made the video you cited, is a mod of this community, and I’m sure he agrees that you’re wrong as well.

Well, the barrel for 1.75mm v6 has a PTFE liner, but that’s not in the hot part or at risk of being overheated.

@Jeff_DeMaagd the E3Dv6 1.75mm does not have a PTFE liner. It has a recess for the bowden tube to sit in to facilitate alignment.

@ThantiK In my opinion You are possibly wrong. If You think the thermal barrier has on one end 300°C an on other end 20°C… This is impossible without a very potent cooling (for example watercooling). Even with alu heatsink, the thermal barrier can be very hot (thermal conductivity of the aluminium is hight, but not unlimited). I made lots of hot-ends by myself, and I’m prety sure, I know wath I’m talking about. And the melted plastic can be pressed out of thermal barrier beside the filament in the wrong direction. Without PTFE the melted plastic can cause a blockage. Nothing personal, only physics.

@Sanjay_Mortimer , help me out here man…


Left cutaway shows a liner through the heatsink / barrel into the bore of the heat break that you showed. The part is the same for both Bowden and non-Bowden uses.

Also, their text:

"By providing a PTFE liner tube through the hotend that you can extend into your extruder this gives the ability to add the confinement and constraint needed to make excellent quality prints with flexible filaments like NinjaFlex, FlexPLA and FlexPolyester. This opens up a huge range of new opportunities for your printer.

(PTFE Liner only present in 1.75mm version - 3mm Bowden has partial lining - 3mm Direct has no lining)"

Now, the liner stops before the heat break, I think their wording should have been more precise. But I regard this liner being probably a good thing, and I don’t think there is a risk of problems with PTFE damage or outgassing so long as it is assembled to instructions.

@Jeff_DeMaagd ​ I have some experience: no problems with PTFE inlay by my hot-ends.