Looks like 200 euro is typo.

Looks like 200 euro is typo. What kind of slides its using?

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3D Kit F printer made in Spain

I don’t think it’s a good idea to use belts for the Z axis. The precision there needs to be better.

Not the best RepStrap that I’ve seen. Looks like crappy kludge of a Prusa i3. Like @Bruno_Gido said, using belts for z axis movement is a pretty bad idea

The Up! has a Z axis belt setup and it has some of the best quality output. I think this printer is actually quite nice.

I’d bet that if you put reprap electronics in an Up! it would still have very high quality output.

I agree with @Billy the UP! uses rock solid pillwblock bearins on linear slide rails ( i think that is what they are called) At any rate their is ZERO slop in those. It IS possible to bend the z platform down in front but… The software is good, not much you can adjust but if you want to just print it works. it’s interesting we are seeing a lot of bot designs like this lately. I have Makerbeam right here waiting to become a small something someday.