Looking to make a audio reactive led strip. Here is what I'm working with.

(David Johnson) #1

Looking to make a audio reactive led strip. Here is what I’m working with.

Teensy 3.1
Audio Adaptor Board for Teensy from PJRC
ws2812b 144 led strip 1m

The idea is to split the headphone audio out from my phone with a amp that will run a speaker. The split audio will go into the Audio Adaptor Board that is connected to the teensy. Then output cool audio reactive color patterns on the strip.

I’m looking for any resources to get started figuring this out. I’m still waiting for the audio adaptor. I have tested my wiring with some patterns on the strip.

(Juergen Bruegl) #2

As you have already purchased the Audio-Adapter your path is
FFT-(Software)-based, example by @Kev_Zhu

My favourite is the Hardware-based method with a MSGEQ7; here my Wiki on that

@Mat_Bettinson has written wonderful effects

(Chase McGriff) #3

@Juergen_Bruegl I’d say since he bought the PJRC Audio Board he should be looking at the library Paul put together for it. There’s a lot of nice stuff that the library can do along with examples on the GitHub, including FFT. https://github.com/PaulStoffregen/Audio

As for the board itself, I cut the traces to the headphone out on the board and soldered jumpers from the jack traces to the linein headers/vias. This allowed me to use it as the linein jack without having to buy more hardware.

(David Johnson) #4

Thanks for the response. I can’t wait to get started.

I just got in my sbec I hope to power it all with. I had problems getting the teensy working on 5v with my PSU from a computer. It seems to work fine on the 3.3v line. I’m hoping this sbec 5v isn’t a issue.