Looking for someone who can help me with making what I want.

(Rowin Grunder) #1

Looking for someone who can help me with making what I want. Ledstrip ws2812b (144/m), 1 push rotary encoder (clickon = color change, clickoff = brightness). Also want when I change the encoder the value increases faster.

Thanks, Rowin

(Mark Kriegsman) #2

Hi! How much have you played around so far, and what have you experimented with? What have you gotten working so far?

(Rowin Grunder) #3

Hi Mark! I have little experience, everything is already hooked up. Arduino Nano, right led transformer, resistors, everything on a breadboard. Tried the demo’s and they worked, but now since I don’t have that much experience in programming i need someone to make me this script. Willing to pay some moneys, since it isn’t that kind of big scripts. – https://github.com/GyroGearloose/FastLED_Rotary_Encoder/blob/master/Encoder_Reading_w_Trigger_on_Change.ino and

(Juergen Bruegl) #4

Take in consideration that interrupts are disabled when writing out the data frame for WS281x LEDs and turns of the rotary encoder might not be recognized. - Depends on the animation what you want to create.
Not sure how you want achieve 3 different settings with only one pushbutton in the encoder. Maybe you want to add a ON-OFF-ON momentary toggle switch (an old window-lift switch will do):

My Wiki:

Fire Demo: (works with WS2811)

(Rowin Grunder) #5

Okay, but I want a light that i can change in color and brightness. So I have now a rotary encoder with built-in switch (click) in which in passive state it will affect brightness, active state changing color. I think its not that kind of difficult but cant get it to work myself. Thats why Im asking someone.

Will dig into your stuff Juergen! Thanks!

(Jarrod Wagner) #6

Just as a hint…

I’ve found that the buttons for rotary encoders float even with the button pressed firmly. Granted, I’ve been using the cheap-o KY040 eBay encoders so the construction may play a large part of that, but nonetheless, debouncing may become an issue for you.

I’m not sure about the accuracy of holding the button down AND rotating at the same time (if I’m understanding your post correctly).

In my opinion, I would make a state machine between a color adjust/brightness adjust and have it react accordingly while rotating the encoder. You’d essentially be turning a digital momentary switch into a toggle switch.

As for the acceleration, you’re going to have a fun time with that one if you plan to do it yourself; else, there is one library (included below) that comes to mind that you could potentially use that has acceleration already built in. I do think that particular library is fairly timer intensive so you may need to figure out a way to pull the acceleration portion out and build it to suit, or switch controllers to a more interrupt friendly platform (aka, Teensy).

Here is the library: https://github.com/0xPIT/encoder/tree/arduino

(This library also has the bonus of various button states that are nice for projects with fewer buttons)

(Rowin Grunder) #7

KY040 = i have them also!
“…holding the button down AND rotating at the same time…” = no, just want to change the paramater when clicked. brightness, click, color, click, brightness etc.thanks for the library. so if you have something to use with it would be nice :slight_smile: