Looking for someone to recommend the Polar 3D printer.

(Cathy Golub) #1

Looking for someone to recommend the Polar 3D printer.

(Michael Vaughan) #2

I can recommend it. Not that I’m qualified in any way at all to do so! Never used one, never seen one up close, but all you’re after is a recommendation, right? :wink:

Actually, I do think it’s a cool idea. I had the same idea, but when I told someone about it, they just linked me to the Polar 3D site. It should be quite fast and precise, but I’m not sold on their cloud management software for it.

(ThantiK) #3

I met the inventor of the Polar 3D and I’ve gotta say - he’s put some really neat tricks into the machine, and it certainly is worth it. @William_Steele is the guy if I recall correctly.

(Joe Spanier) #4

Are you looking for reviews or someone to tell you to buy it?

I met him at reprap fest last year and it’s a super neat printer. I never used it. But watched it run saw the parts and was impressed.

(Cathy Golub) #5

Love to know if you have used it.

(William Steele) #6

@Michael_Vaughan It isn’t required that anyone use our cloud, the Polar3D printer works with any standard off the shelf software as well, in fact @Simplify3D has a profile for our printer built in. Our cloud was really designed for the education environment and works great in that scenario or for those who like to be able to monitor and control their printers from afar. It’s also free.

(William Steele) #7

@ThantiK Yep, that’s me. Thanks for the kind words!

(William Steele) #8

Hi Cathy, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. As @ThantiK said, I’m the inventor of the Polar3D printer. If you’re an educator, you get the printer at a discounted price of $599. Also, we have printers in a bunch of locations… If you want, I might be able to get you in contact with someone near you… Or you could take advantage of our generous return policy if you find it doesn’t need your needs.

(Jason Osborn) #9

We have three of the Polar 3D printers and have loved them in every way. Their online support has been available for questions, William Steele is available in the support forum, and Mike even has called along with emailed back and forth helping me maximize the options of the printers. I highly recommend them and invite you to Mattawan, MI (Mattawan Later Elementary) to try one of ours out.

(Cathy Golub) #10

@William_Steele Thanks so much for your help. I am trying to get a grant to buy one of these for my school. If it works out there could be 20+ schools interested in getting one. Our tech guys were interested in a phone number or email for support.

(Cathy Golub) #11

Does the printer require the end point device (iPads in this case) to use our infrastructure WiFi to print? If it does, that’s going to be highly problematic. If it does not, such as peer-to-peer or print-from-cloud, then that’s much more easily accommodated.

(William Steele) #12

@Cathy_Golub You can use any device you want to as long as you can use a web browser. You can send jobs to it locally, via it’s own built in wifi hotspot and web server, or you can post jobs to the cloud remotely (even from a phone) and lastly, you can simply connect to the printer directly via USB cable.

(William Steele) #13

@Cathy_Golub , our phone is 513-258-0031 and you can always email info@polar3d.com… also we have a support forum (which is our perferred choice) so that everyone can a) help out, but more importantly, b) learn from others. (We like to expose our warts, if you will, so that others who might have an issue can also be helped out by it.)