Looking for some really good pla.

(Zane Mitchell) #1

Looking for some really good pla. What vendor you guys buy from (USA)?

(Tomáš Vít) #2

Try Fillamentum.com. It’s manufactured here (Central Europe), but there is also distributor for USA. And their quality wooden PLAs are beautiful. See http://3dprintingindustry.com/2015/05/19/fillamentum-launches-new-wood-crystal-clear-filaments/

(Joe Spanier) #3

Really good? Ultimachine

(ThantiK) #4

Ultimachine filament is great, so is printbl (supplier of diamondage filament, made by @Vik_Olliver – owner of the second RepRap ever made)

(Zane Mitchell) #5

I’m all for USA made stuff. I’ll look at them thanks guys.

(Chris Holland) #6

I also recommend http://makergeeks.com

(Zane Mitchell) #7

Ultimachine has some nice “looking” but the tolerance ranged .15mm :/. And I’ve had makergeeks abs. Just wanted try something new and pla since I haven’t printed it in a while

(Matthew Satterlee) #8

FoxSmart.club has good filament for dirt cheap ($18). I’ve used up about 6kg so far without a single issue.

(Chris Holland) #9

Makergeeks is great. The price is great for high quality filament. And it is completely made in the USA

(Zane Mitchell) #10

Since ordering from makergeeks before I ordered again. I forgot he’s close (shipping wise). Got some tiger orange and a blind roll (hope it’s nylon or something :p).