Looking for some advice on a project.

Looking for some advice on a project. I’m building a Nixie clock using the arduiNIX board and I want to back-light the nixies. Here are some pictures of a ws2811 and how it would fit. I like it but I am concerned about the code I’m writing for the clock/nixie control interfering with the timing for the leds. What could I use that is the same size but has a clock pin and is nice and bright?

Thanks for the input.

Since you’re not going to be writing to a lot of the leds (it looks like you’re planning on having one per tube?) I think you’d be fine, actually. You’d be able to write 10 leds in about 300µs - which should allow any other interrupting that you’re doing for a clock to fire smoothly.

That said - you can also grab a set of these - https://www.adafruit.com/products/2343 - the APA102 is the best current option out there, IMNSHO

Perfect. Thanks Dan! APA102s it is.

Hackity hack :]