Looking for some advice from the community here.  I have a MakerGear Mosaic...

(Mark DeNeve) #1

Looking for some advice from the community here. I have a MakerGear Mosaic… it has been fun, but I really like the look and idea of the Delta Printers. I know I could buy a kit, but that’s what I did the first time around, I would like to build this one from scratch. I am looking at the Kossel, and the 3DR Delta Printer. The 3DR parts just barely fit on the MakerGear platen, so I am now looking at the Kossel. Just curious if anyone here has had good luck with one or the other (or both). I can’t find much on the web about the kossel build outside of the reprap wiki, so not quite sure what to do. Suggestions?

(Patrick Ryan) #2

I was looking for a Delta as well, and I really like the look of the Simpson developed by @Nicholas_Seward . What I like most about it is the very low vitamin count, and the fact that essentially all of the structural components can be printed - no threaded rods, no tracks, etc. This appeals to me philosophically. :slight_smile: He says he’ll be releasing the files soon, probably shortly after NY Maker Faire this weekend, so I expect to commit to it shortly after that and start construction.

(Shachar Weis) #3

Before you start printing, make sure you can get the needed rods/t-slots at a decent price (+shipping).

(Brian Evans) #4

The newest branch of the kossel/kossel mini looks promising. Thing about Deltas is that they require some work and experimentation to get them up and running. Won’t be as simple as the Mosaic. Really cool though.