...looking for people who want to test a       ,

…looking for people who want to test a #landscape #stl #generation #service , which delivers stl files for the region you select on a map!

there’s a verb missing… “who want to…” test, print, buy, sell,? In case of testing and printing: here i am :slight_smile:

Alternatively, someone who reads German could learn how to generate STLs from topography themselves http://www.3drucken.ch/2012/07/relief-des-mont-blanc.html

I’d be happy to test it out. I was just talking to a buddy of mine about printing a 3d map of a local park. The current tool-chain is too difficult to explain with a napkin.

You should be able to message me directly.

@Daniel_Koller so how do we test “it”?

@Thomas_Sanladerer I’ll provide you with an app link (likely tomorrow)

I’d love to test it too, would be a great present for my boss.

@Daniel_Koller , i wanna test it! priting some argentinean landmarks (like mount aconcagua or fitz roy)

I’d be interesting in testing it

…I just deployed the site: it is on order interface for landscape STL models: you can find it at http://app.datenprodukt.com/landscape/ls0 : please give me feedback on the interface and also on the models.

Oh, I see. It’s a paid service and not a scripted version that instantly spits out your stl. There goes my interest in the service.
Two more things:

  • The site is not usable on mobile (Android 4.2 stock browser)
  • The leaflet map uses OSM material but ignores their license, which requires attribution in a highly visible spot. Preferably right next to where it says “Leaflet”.

@Thomas_Sanladerer thx for the hint re. the licenses: it is not completely automated (as of now), because the raw STL files need some error correction.

The map interface (selection) is unusable for me. Selection scaling works sometimes but does not most of the time. I don’t have any clue how to select what i want to select (Chrome 24, Mac OSX)

My first reaction was from last night, right before bed time, so I may have been a bit sleep addled.

I tried to pull up a park in the Chicago USA area. I can’t get zoomed in enough to see more than a pin for the city, much less the park. The river isn’t displayed, so I can’t even judge the park location based from that.

I tried to get a much larger area with the idea to chunk out what I am interested in (although I doubt it would be anything but flat) but couldn’t get a selection that the tool would accept. I was either too big, or too small, with no indication of what the right range was.

I will try again today, when I am able to put my functioning brain behind it. The tool looks promising, I just didn’t figure it out last night.

@Mike_Creuzer thx for your feedback! I’ ll add some corrections later today (I take your notes as 'you need a higher zoomlevel)