Looking for input on the categories.

Looking for input on the categories. We don’t want to list every printer manufacturer, so we’re thinking of just breaking it up into reprap (printed parts) and “repstrap”-type kit/assembled machines. Any ideas for names or other ways to categorize them? For instance, I suggested “flat-pack printers” for those built from laser/router-cut panels like the Ultimaker and older makerbots.

Flat pack printers is great suggestion but printer other than flat pack are hard to discribe. There are metal body like solidoodle. Will Rostock max come under flat pack or metal. Are we considering closed source printer discussion?

Maybe divide into FDM, SLS, DLP, etc? But I guess 99% of people use FDM so I guess it’s not necessary.

the less the better

Maybe just wait and see what is beeing asked for. Many printers are so similar in technology that i don’t know if it makes sense to be so specific in categorizing them.

how can newbies decide, in which category he should post an question?
I don’t think that makes sense

I think that we should wait until there’s more content here so we have a better picture of the sort of things that people are posting that could be sensibly categorised

Don’t have any specific printers. Reprap has its forums and Ultimaker has its google group.

What’s the point of splitting out laser cut vs other printers? You can have a plastic printrbot or a laser cut printrbot they’re still both printrbots.

I agree with @Billy - having areas for ultimaker and reprap seems a bit miopic and arbitrary. I’d suggest a more general heading, e.g. hardware.

2 additional categories come to mind

  • Printable Objects
  • Software - > Firmwares