Looking for a way to make K40 Whisperer pause between passes

Is this possible at all? Happy to go into config files or even the code if needed. I’d like to put in a minute or two’s pause between passes to allow cooling on a relatively high-power cut, just to save having to manually pause it all the time.

Doesn’t look like it would be super straightforward. As far as I can tell, K40 Whisperer directly appends the instructions for each pass to a list and then it just sends the whole thing to the machine.

I’m not aware of any wait instructions you could put into the generated bytecode. So, you’d either have to change how K40 Whisperer does multiple passes or automate it via something external like AutoHotKey.

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Yeah, I’m aware it’s going to need to be done on the application side; if nobody else has a solution I guess I’ll have a dive into the Python code in a couple of days, just wanted to avoid reinventing the wheel as it seemed like something other people might have looked for previously.

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