Looking for a Smoothieboard but on a budget?

(Arthur Wolf) #1

Looking for a Smoothieboard but on a budget? Not afraid of a bit of hacking/ fixing? You can now buy broken Smoothieboards for a fraction of the price. They’ve got things like broken Ethernet, or a broken driver etc. They can be used as-is ( depending on your needs ), or fixed, depending on how courageous you feel :slight_smile:


(Anthony Bolgar) #2

I can say these are a great deal, I previously got 5 faulty boards, and 4 of them are now running various 3D printers and CNC routers. The 5th board is waiting as a spare.

(Petr Sedlacek) #3

Nice! I’ll probably get one. Replacing a mosfet is easy.

(ThantiK) #4

I really wish I were better at in-circuit diagnosing. :confused:

(Tobias) #5

The link seems to be down, are there still some broken Smoothieboards available? :slight_smile:

(Arthur Wolf) #6

Email wolf.arthur@gmail.com and we’ll see if we can find something for you.