looking for a site where I can order 3D-prints?

looking for a site where I can order 3D-prints?


Those three are the big ones. I think there’s another significant one for Europe, but the name escapes me.

THX guys :slight_smile:

BTW what would you recommend as dummy-friendly software to design some objects in 3D?

What type of objects? Mechanical/functional or organic/decorative?

mechanical functional preference … but decorative can be a way to start :slight_smile:

I personally recommend https://www.alibre.com/ , it is now called Geomagic but it is good value for money ($199 for the hobby edition). For playing around with organic shapes, try Sculptris http://pixologic.com/sculptris which is free.

@Rik_Reynaers I use Sketchup pretty regularly. Easy to learn, fast to create. Depends on the style and complexity of object, though. There is a stl exporter, but you need to install it separately. :slight_smile:

For OSS, Blender for organic, FreeCAD for structural.

There is also this site http://www.makexyz.com/ where you can order a print from a local person. The functionality isn’t great yet but it does work. I would suggest messaging the printer of interest and tell them what you want printed before actually placing the order.

THX Guys & Gals :slight_smile:

There’s Sculpteo.com located in France.

Nathan Ryan, which version?

@NathanielStenzel , i have only ever used the free version of sketchup. Or, did you mean the stl exporter?

@Tony_Olivo I’ve found freecad to be quite unstable on Mac. What’s your experience?

Unfortunately Mac is the worst OS for FreeCAD. None of the developers owns one, and Mac builds are sporadically provided by the community. They suffer from bugs the Windows and Linux version do not have.

@Nathan_Ryan It was the Sketchup program that I was wondering about.