Looking for a recommended GCODE sequence to force a filament change

In the past I’ve often inserted the M600 command into GCODE files for Marlin based printers to force a filament change in between nominated layers in a multi-color print. From what I can see though experimentation the M600 command under Smoothieware simply pauses the print but I may be wrong here. I’m looking for an equivalent command or sequence of commands under Smoothieware that will raise the printhead a few mm, home the head, fully eject the filament from the printhead, sound an alarm then pause. I’ll also need some way to restart the print once I’ve manually inserted and wound in some new filament. Any guidance would be gratefully received.

Many thanks for all the work the Smoothieware team has invested in this project.

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You want to take a look at the examples at smoothieware.org/switch