Looking for a low profile,

(Dave Morris) #1

Looking for a low profile, multi-point injection DC supply solution for a cove molding lighting project. I have 35 amps (theoretical max) of WS2812 in a single string behind not so very deep cove molding. I initially bought a single massive fan cooled 30 amp 5v power supply. obvious voltage drop failure over 80ft. next… then I bought 3 x 20amp 5v bricks but they are waaay too big to hide in the cove molding. Latest step was 5 x 5amp 5v wall warts. doesnt hide completely in the cove moulding but its my best option so far. still looking for something extra low profile. Dont want to have to destroy plastic housing on the wall warts to reduce visibility and not sure about the 12 volt to 5 volt buck converter avenue

BTW if anybody needs AC to 5v power supplies of any wattage i am half way to being a whole saler

(JP Roy) #2

From what I imagine from your problem description, I would think that the 12V to 5V buck converter solution sounds like the best approach. What is your uncertainty about that ??

(Drew André) #3

I know this doesn’t exactly fit your power requirements but I used to order these low profile dc power supplies from a company on Alibaba and they always worked great for powering a single led strip. Maybe if you chained a few together it may fit your project needs…? Sorry for the photo attachment — I can look for the actual link if you’re interested.
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(Daniel Haber) #4

@JP_Roy Sounds like there isn’t enough room for that.

My only idea is to get some low gauge wire and run it to a bunch of spots on the strip.

(JP Roy) #5

@Daniel_Haber You may be right but it is difficult to know for sure without more details.

Note that he said… 5v 5a wall warts do not hide completely in his cove and he was thinking about trimming the case (I only guess to make them fit inside the cove !?)

Also note he is talking about an 80 feet long setup. It may be possible to apply your idea of a bunch of low gauge wires but I have doubts about the that.

This online tool may help him to figure it out…


(Daniel Haber) #6

Hopefully Dave can attack it from both sides so it’d only have to go about 35 feet and supply half the Amps. Using 35 feet, 18 amps, 1 gauge wire, and 5V to start with, he’d be looking at a voltage drop to 4.84V. Sounds fine to me.

(Dave Morris) #7

@Daniel_Haber I wish. The original goal was 360 degrees of cove lighting with bidirectional power but one wall was removed from the plan.

(Dave Morris) #8

I think i’ve come to the conclusion that I have to go with a single 24W supply running all the way around the strip to feed 6-8 buck converters at 5v injection points along the way. Running 3/0 gauge wire to multiple injection points is a humorous thought but impractical

Really wish I would have know about this sooner but evidently they make a version of 2812B strip with little DC-DC converters inline every 0.5 M so it can accept 12V source

(Juergen Bruegl) #9

@Dave_Morris what space is available? The Meanwell IRM series comes in different sizes